Employer Benefits

Whether you currently offer your employees coverage or can't afford healthcare coverage, telemedicine is an affordable complimentary service to provide access to healthcare for your employees saving you time and money.

Cost Containment

Telemedicine costs less than a co-pay. Re-directing unnecessary visits can reduce healthcare costs by up to 25%.


Telemedicine gives patients easy access to a physician, reducing the risk that medical problems become chronic.

Flexible Implementation

Telemedicine can be implemented anytime of the year with minimal hassle. There are no waiting periods or exclusions.

How Does It Work?

Telemedicine is 24/7 access to a licensed physician in areas of internal medicine, family medicine, or pediatrics that can help diagnose certain illnesses and answer questions virtually (via video or phone). These physicians are able to prescribe and refill certain prescriptions, sending prescriptions directly to your local pharmacy.

Additional Benefits:

Message a Specialist (General Practitioner, Psychologist, Pharmacist,  Dentist, Dietician, Sports Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician

Talk to a Counselor: Telephonic Counseling (Unlimited, confidential telephonic consultation to a Master's Level Counselor, Immediate Crisis Support, Supportive Counseling and Subsequent sessions)

Health Advocacy: Patient Advocacy (Explanation of Benefits, Engagement Personalized Support with second opinions, Health Improvement with Concierge Level Solutions through Medical Bill Reviews, Appeals, Fee Negotiation, and fixed cost savings programs.

Rx Discounts: Instant Prescription Discounts (Powered by Good Rx)

Program is a per employee benefit per month cost. Employers must pay for a minimum of 5 employees (even if the company has less than 5 employees). Increased plan discounts with the more employees covered under telemedicine plan.



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